ADL products do a tour of German HiFi Shows in late 2015

ADL Distributor for Germany -NT Global – will exhibit ADL products at the “Westdeutsche Hifi Tage” at 03.10. and 04.10.15 in Bonn.


At the “Braunschweiger Funkausstellung” 31.10. and 01.11.2015 in Braunschweig


And furthermore at the “High-End-on-Tour” in Dortmund at the 21. And 22.11.2015 in Dortmund.

Come and “discover your inner sound” with ADL. See you there!

Important customer notice

Important customer notice:

Only products sold by authorized ADL dealers are covered by warranty. In order to obtain warranty service, proof of purchase from the authorized ADL dealer must be provided to either the ADL dealer or the Furutech distributor in the country of purchase. The team at ADL and our partners worldwide thank you for your understanding.

Caution* eBay, Amazon and Rakuten resellers in Japan are not authorized ADL dealers

New York 2014: ADL gets even higher (resolution)

From The Audio Traveler (LINK) > New York 2014: ADL gets even higher (resolution)

Raymond Li of ADL beckoned me over theADL table. I’m pretty sure he waggled his eyebrows when he said that the GT40 had just been updated (now called “GT40 Alpha”) — the ADC/DAC USB paths were now fully 24bit/192kHz. “See?” He seemed to say. “ADL is on top of it.”And they are. I don’t really need an analog-to-digital recorder, myself, but I can see where that would be tempting. I actually do have a giant Blue microphone — you know, for those late-night crooning sessions that somehow, even after all those expensive lessons, still sound like throttling penguins — so I can see where this is kind of a big deal. Oh, and all you I-must-archive-my-LP folks — here’s a way to finally capture the full(er) glory of those LP majesties. For the rest of us, however, $550 seems pretty reasonable for a USB DAC. The fact that it has a “phono stage” (both MM and MC, courtesy of the ADC input), is remarkable.Shown here with the ADL H128 ($470), the pair makes for a rather compelling sub-$1k system that is not only simple to use, but rather comfortable — and yes, it sounds great.

Affordable, portable audio? Yes, yes it is. I’m going to have to look harder at this brand and soon.




ADL Days in Paris

ADL Days In Paris showcased the new STRATOS and H128 headphones and highlighted the growing range of high performance upgrade headphone cables. A special thanks to Jean-Claude and the team at L’Audio Distribution for a fine show.

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